An Homage to Sandy: Can't we talk first?

An Homage to Sandy: Can’t we talk first?

An Homage to Sandy: Can’t we talk first?

By. Chris Nikolopoulos

Calm your ferocious winds, Mother. I know we’ve misbehaved, trampled all over your beautiful gifts, defiled all you have given and ourselves in the process. But we are young yet, spoiled, and still wander blindly through the fog of ego and delusion and greed. We still have time to change our ways. Help us to see clearly the simple beauty of life, to see through the Self and in to the All that permeates and connects every single atom in our universe. Help us learn to cherish you and all of our other brothers and sisters.

Not to tattle tale, but Monstanto could really use a tornado or something to destroy every last piece of its monstrosity. Oh, and the Federal Reserve, stop by there and give them the torrential spoon. Maybe you could cut the power and destroy some broadcasting towers? Make it impossible for people to be contaminated by 16 and Pregnant, Honey Boo Boo and the mainstream news? And we could use less malls, less factory farms (free the animals through the barn door beforehand), and less consumerism in general. Actually, this whole “legitimate rape” nonsense is pretty ridiculous too, if you could just…. nevermind.

But really, I hope everyone stays safe as we brace ourselves against the wind and water. It was only eight years ago that dear Mother killed 200,000 people in Sri Lanka when a tsunami left a million people homeless, and it seems just yesterday Japan suffered one of the worst nuclear disasters in our history at the mighty hands of Nature. It is times like these when we realize that we really are not the ones in control of our little blue planet, that our money and our precious metals mean nothing. And with how we have been behaving these last few thousand years, that is probably for the best.