We're Back (I've Been A Bad Editor)

We’re Back (I’ve Been A Bad Editor)

 We’re Back (I’ve Been A Bad Editor)

By. Kevin Priddle

Hey long time no see loyal NoPhilistines readers (although I’m not sure how many of you there are past my Dad and Grandparents)! Happy Thanksgiving, happy Autumn and happy everything else that’s been celebrated since we last touched base.

I know, I know… I’ve been a bad editor. Here we are 11 days into October and I haven’t put up a new post since the middle of August. I’m not trying to make excuses but life in the professional 9 to 5 world (more like 7 to 7 when you factor in my commute) has kept me busy to say the least.

When I started my first full-time writing gig back in June I thought I’d be able to get my work done at the office, use my commute time on the bus to read and get some writing done, and then balance the rest of my evenings between social pleasures and some serious creative writing to keep the blog populated with fresh content and heck maybe even start that Great Canadian Novel I’ve been tinkering around with in my head… boy I was wrong.

Maintaining a website with new, original, and interesting content on an ongoing basis is a hell of a lot harder than I thought and I’ve got to say I have a new found respect for anyone that manages to pull it off.

Life as a Boomerang means that I rely on public transit to get myself to and from work each morning. I’ve found trying to get any serious writing done on the commute (beyond maybe a journal entry or some brainstorming) far too distracting with the hordes of commuters that pile onto the bus each morning. And really that’s fine I guess… I still don’t have to battle with the frustration of driving through stop and go traffic and instead can catch up on my book list, let my ears absorb the latest beats and tunes, or even doze off for a quick dream or two.

But if I’m not writing on the bus I’ve got to find other times to fit it in. I usually wake up somewhere between 6 and 6:30 in the morning. I’ll shower, eat breakfast,and head out the door by 7:15. Catch a bus by 7:30 and then stroll into work around 9. I’ll pack up and leave the office by 5, be back on the bus by about 5:20 and then shuffle back into my parent’s house by 7 p.m.

Door to door it’s often a 12-hour shift.

Then in the time before I go to sleep and do it all over again I have to eat dinner, take care of errands, do laundry, maintain relationships (friends and romantic), pack a lunch, finish up loose ends from the office, answer emails and then maybe get some writing done.

I don’t mean to rant so if you’re still reading at this far down then here’s the point I want to make: maintaining a blog is a lot harder than I thought, I may be busy (but so is everyone) and I’m not giving up.

So here goes a fresh attempt at NoPhilistines.com – stay tuned and get ready for some fresh new content!

And remember if you’ve got story ideas or you’d like to submit a guest post then email us at editor@nophilistines.com.